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Opportunity4Kids would like to recognize the amazing children in our community that go above and beyond. For this reason, we have created an Award in honor of one of our Board Members, Rob Deer  who built his career in MLB but continues to inspire the community through his Children’s Baseball Camps and Clinics. At his camps, Rob recognizes three individual children- the Best Attitude, Best Hustler and Best Listener. We decided to combine these three attributes into one Award- The Rob Deer Superstar!

Are you a parent, teacher, coach or friend that knows a kid who exhibits these characteristics? Nominate a child to win our Rob Deer Superstar Award! Beginning 5/21, a weekly winner will be announced every Thursday. Each week’s winner receives an autographed copy of Rob Deer’s Sports Illustrated cover, in addition to features on our blog and social media. The contest will run for 15 weeks and at the end of the contest period, one lucky kid will be randomly selected for the Grand Prize- a day at the Ballpark with Rob Deer and the Arizona Diamondbacks!!

To nominate a deserving child, Please complete the form below:

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Contest rules: Award 5/21/2105-8/27/2015. Grand Prize Game will take place at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium on 9/12/2015. To qualify, the child must not be related to Rob Deer or any Opportunity4Kids Board Members or volunteers. The child must be between the ages of 8-18 and involved in some sort of sport, extracurricular activity or academics. No donation or purchase is required. To be considered for the award, someone other than the nominated child must complete the nomination form through Opportunity4Kids at http://opportunity4kids.org/rob-deer-award/. Weekly submissions will be reviewed by an impartial award committee and awarded each Thursday through 8/27/2015. Parental consent must be given for some or all of the child’s story and picture to be shared on social media, blogs, websites, and news outlets once contacted as an award winner.