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With every donation you give a kid the opportunity to participate in the out-of-school time activity of their choice.

Opportunity 4 Kids is a not for profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Donations to Opportunity 4 Kids are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for US federal income tax purposes. There are no donation limits or restrictions on contributions to Opportunity 4 Kids.

Additionally, Opportunity 4 Kids is a Qualified Charitable Organization. Tax payers in Arizona may be eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar state income tax reduction benefit for up to $400 as an individual or $800 as a joint filing.** Donations may be made on or before April 15th to be applied to the current or preceding taxable year.

*All donations go directly to the operation of the foundation and to benefit the kids. **Tax circumstances vary greatly. Pleas consult your tax advisor for specific questions related to your tax situation.

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