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Arizona Cardinal Football Player Larry Fitzgerald is widely recognized for his commitment to giving back to the local community. This dedication was recently demonstrated through a weekend long Football camp for 900 boys and girls grades 1-8. May 7th and 8th enthusiastic children and parents gathered on the Bill Kajikawa Football Practice Fields at Arizona State University for drills, games, photos with Fitzgerald and most importantly inspirational moments of wisdom from the star wide receiver and the Pro Camp team.


Excitedly, Opportunity4Kids had the chance to sponsor 6 kids in need to participate in the Larry Fitzgerald Pro Camp. During the 2 day camp, it was amazing to see the kids learning more than just football skills. They also practiced teamwork and good sportsmanship. The best moments of the day were watching teammates help each other up and cheer on great catches! Opportunities like these are exactly the moments that can greatly impact a child’s life.

The children we had the pleasure to sponsor have encountered life challenges such as Aspergers, financial poverty, physical abuse and parental medical conditions and illness. For the 2 days of camp, these kids were able to put aside all those distractions and focus on just being kids; interacting with teammates, sharing achievements, making friends and overall having a blast!

A big shout out to Pro Camps who did a fabulous job presenting this camp in Arizona. This is the fifth annual Larry Fitzgerald Pro Camp, and the largest camp Pro Camps has ever put on!! Also, a big thank you to the local coaches, professional athletes, sports celebrities, Pro Camp staff and volunteers and of course, Larry Fitzgerald, who worked so hard to make this special weekend happen for the children. It is truly beautiful to see everyone come together to make a difference for these kids! Touchdown!!

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